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Project IGI 3 Game Download For PC

Project IGI 3 Game Free Download For PC

Project IGI 3 is an action shooting game. It is the one of games that i ever used to play on my desktop. It is a series. First and Second. now IGI 3 is not the third installment but it is the customized of first two parts. It also includes music in the background. It has all the old weapons in first two parts. IT is the best of them. I love to play this. Weapons also improve in this installment. In the product vehicles are also introduced. Player can destroy the vehicles easily with heavy weapon.

Project IGI 3 Free Download PC Game

Project IGI 3 Screenshot PC Download


Project IGI 3 Free Download Setup

Like 1 and 2, it also has many weapons. 3 has many customized weapons like you see in the screenshot. A customized sniper is using the player. 2 and 1 has only simple sniper guns. 3 also has many features included night vision infrared that are used in the night. Dual weapons mode also included in 3. Player use two similar weapons at same time like Uzi.

Project IGI 3 PC Game Comprehensive Setup

You see in the screenshot that player using AK, IGI 3 has advance weapon and health meter indicator. 3 also has an small map in the left side that shows the enemy movement. Just like 1 and 2 , It also a train yard mission. This mission is really very exciting for me. 3 also includes some breaking features. Player can use to increase the health Medicine pack. Gunships also shows in the 3. Tanks are also to defeat the player and to difficult the installment.

Project IGI 3 Free Download Kickass Torrent

You see in the screenshot that not only shooting. It also have some adventure in the product. Robbing and stealing modes included in installment. Player robs the vaults in the rooms and collects data and money. Player also deactivate the security cameras. Player can talk with the other person. There is the third person mode available in the product as well as first person. In vault robbing if you failed to unlock it the alarms will rise on. The guards came to kill you.

Project IGI 3 Features

Increased in artificial intelligence
New customized weapons
Improved Sound and FX
Increased Graphics
New missions control panel
New objects for missions
New game plots

Project IGI 3 PC Game Setup Requirements

Operating System: Window XP + Window 7 + Window 8 + Window 8.1 + Window 10
Ram: 1 GB
Hard: 5 GB
Processor: duel core 1.2 Ghz

How to Install

click on the below link to get file. Download the file. Run the setup. Enjoy


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