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EA Sports Cricket 2016 Game Download For PC

 EA Sports Cricket 2016 Game Free Download For PC

EA Sports Cricket 2016 is an worldwide sports product. It is available for Windows and XBOX platform. It is widely available all over the world. It has come with fine graphics and many other features as well. It includes in it many tournaments like ipl, big-bash etc. Updated players and squad. Commentary feature for giving an extra touch to interest. This installment is full of fun with squad management and many other.

Download Ea Sports Cricket Game Screenshots

EA Sports Cricket 2016 Free Download For PC

In this screenshot you can see the 2 most famous players of India. And by seeing them it is obvious that both are captain of their own teams. You have to select on of them and play the match. Other settings can be change further.

EA Sports Cricket 2016 Game Download Full Version

Ipl match is being played between 2 teams as can be seen in the picture. As it is the first ball of the match that is why the score and the wickets are null. Camera view is nice to seen. It can be changed during the match.

Download EA Cricket 2016 Fully Compressed

The first ball of the match is nearly to be thrown. Crowd is fully pumped up. Left side of the picture you can see the bowling meter which helps you to vary the change of the peace at every ball and gain control to no ball.

EA Sports Cricket 2016 Game Setup Download

The test match series has been started between 2 teams and they are measuring their performance by playing this series. Batsman stopped the ball by showing his timing and footwork. Ground is full of crowed.

How To Install  EA Sports Cricket 2016?

Installation process is very easy that is

  • Install game folder
  • After downloading, extract file
  • After extraction, open folder and enjoy.
Just install the product with pattern given above.
 System Requirements OF  EA Sports Cricket 2016:
Operating System (OS) = Windows 7+8+XP
Processor = 1.8 GHz
RAM ( Random Access Memory) = 256 MB
Video Memory (Graphics Card) = 64 or 128 MB
Disk Space Required = 6 GB

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