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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 200

If you are gamers so you need to a best gaming keyboard and you don’t know that which one is best one for you. Gaming keyboards are in different prices, specification and structure. In associate business that boasts a number of the foremost laughably high-priced product cash can purchase, fashionable gamers ar typically sold-out the concept that the worth of a product sometimes implies quality. however whereas it’s true that worth could be a smart indicator of quality, obtaining the simplest worth doesn’t essentially mean going for the foremost high-priced supply once it involves recreation keyboards. You can check complete gaming keyboard reviews and information from here.

When grouping a recreation system, a product that’s easy, offers solid performance, and additional of the required options you wish to urge the higher of your opponent or in-game setting can fulfill.With that in mind, here ar the highest fifteen best recreation keyboards below $50 which will get you enjoying in peak condition whereas conjointly sanctioning you to save lots of some money. Keyboard development history is also here just for your information.

List of Gaming Keyboards Under 50 to 200

  • Corsair K55


The Corsair K55 RGB keyboard is a surprisingly efficient gaming system, given its low price. It offers three RGB backlighting zones, an ergonomic design, quiet and responsive keys, a detachable wrist pad that feels very comfortable, and a textured face design that’s intended to deliver a better grip.

  • Redragon K552 Kumara


With the K552 Kumara, Redragon delivers a keyboard that looks and feels like a gaming system twice its price. The keyboard is the preferred choice for most professional gamers looking to buy value, thanks to features such as the mechanical keys, red LED backlighting functionality, tactile feedback, medium resistance, and double-injection molded keys that ensure uniform backlighting and add to the durability of the keyboard by preserving the symbols.

  • EagleTec KG010


EagleTec’s KG010 mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the most reliable systems you will find out there. It comes with Outemu Blue switch keys, all of which are audible, smooth, consistent, and offer excellent feedback. Also, the system delivers medium resistance. The aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS casing used to construct the EagleTec KG010 makes it remarkably compact and sturdy enough to provide greater ergonomics.

  • Cooler Master Devastator 3


The Cooler Master Devastator 3 has been built with convenience and ease of use in mind. The wired system is offered as a keyboard and mouse combo that impresses with its sleek, compact, lightweight design and robustness. Among the highly tactile keys are some dedicated media buttons intended to allow you to take control of your media experience.

  • Tomoko MMC023


Designed to be sturdy and robust, the Tomoko MMC023 does an excellent job of delivering useful features, such as multimedia integration, anti-ghosting, 87 non-conflicting keys, water-resistance, and blue mechanical switches equipped by Gaote. The switches offer a smooth feel that is sure to leave users impressed.

  • Havit Rainbow


Just like the Cooler Master Devastator 3, the Havit Rainbow comes in the form of a combination of a keyboard and mouse and delivers up to 3200DPI, attractive breathing LED lighting, as well as membrane-based keys that would pass for a mechanical keyboard due to its proper feedback.

  • Redragon S101


Just like the Cooler Master Devastator 3, the Havit Rainbow comes in the form of a combination of a keyboard and mouse and delivers up to 3200DPI, attractive breathing LED lighting, as well as membrane-based keys that would pass for a mechanical keyboard due to its proper feedback.

  • AULA SI-859


The AULA SI-859 is designed to enable you to enhance your gaming experience with its 104 keys and full-size anti-ghosting keys, which are both essential for smooth, detailed gaming.

  • Razer DeathStalker Essential


The Razer DeathStalker is a robust, budget gaming keyboard with plenty of functions. The quality of features is terrific for a gaming system this inexpensive. It comes with highly responsive chiclet keys that very much resemble the silent, yet tactile cherry red switches. The keyboard also offers up to ten non-conflicting keys and a gaming mode.

  • BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard


The BlueFinger features a dazzling design and an array of useful features that make it a must-have for gamers seeking a high-quality keyboard. It is fitted with mechanical keys for an incredibly responsive gaming experience. It also has ten dedicated media buttons that further elevate the experience by letting you take charge of your music while competing.

  • Azio Levetron


The Azio Levetron is yet another gaming accessory that rightly deserves a place among the best gaming keyboards under $50. In addition to its durability and design, the keyboard packs plenty of punches that make it the perfect companion to the avid gamer.

  • Rii RK100


The Rii RK100 is an impressive gaming keyboard in its own right. The system is designed for gamers who desire a mechanical keyboard type feeling without necessarily using a mechanical keyboard. It features an eye-catching matte finish that should spark your gaming interest and keep you going.



The SAREPO ECHO gaming keyboard comes with the right features to enhance your gaming experience. It offers 19 anti-ghosting keys, 9 LED modes, and a built-in palm rest that helps keep your wrists in a neutral position to prevent chances of an injury.

  • Cooler Master Devastator II


You will also find the blue key illumination and backlighting to be of great use in dark environments. The laser-engraved symbols are enduring and of excellent quality, meaning they will never fade and will remain intact for as long as you need the keyboard.

  • Rii RM400


The Rii RM400 is a capable gaming keyboard that’s designed for the most capable hands. It puts the power in your control by allowing you to light up the dark corners with its RPG-backlit functionality, while you simultaneously leverage the tactile feedback of the mechanical keys to take the game to your opponent.

Here is the list of top gaming keybaord so these all are available with different prices and structure so if you want to know more about these gaming keyboard so click on the below link and know the reviews and prices of these keyboards.


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